The Landing Page – The heavy hitter on your website

Optimizing a website for better search engine results is one thing, creating a landing page and fine tuning it to convert more sales is another.

SEO Expert India designs landing pages to either gather information on your prospective buyers creating leads or to sell them your product or service the first time they hit the page, either way your business will see more customers than ever.

Landing Page Design

A landing page will only have about 30 seconds to convince the visitor to read on and not bounce back to the previous page. Landing pages must quickly establish your content or offers credibility, your business objectives, how to take advantage of your products or services and how to share them with friends. The better your landing page design the closer you are to a deal as a landing page is the catalyst in initiating a lead or sale.

Experienced Internet users will instantly judge you based on your website its design and features. Creating landing pages that fail to mirror your online ad creative’s or match the page content, will cause visitors to leave your website.

Ensure your landing page is professionally designed, represents your brand, and reflects the offer or content it is referring to. Your landing page design and marketing copy need to be strong, clear, and concise in order to entice your visitors to convert to a sale.

Landing Pages’ Roles

There are 2 ways in which a visitor will find your landing page. The goal of the landing page is determined by how the visitor arrives.

Pay-Per-Click Landing Pages

There are 2 ways in which a visitor will find your landing page. The goal of the landing page is determined by how the visitor arrives.

Your Pay-Per-Click Landing Page the key to closing deals on the Internet. Every pay-per-click ad campaign will require its own landing page, custom designed and tested to transform a specific group of visitors.

Using Google’s Website Optimizer tool, SEO Expert India has the ability to test different variations of your landing page and different ads in each pay-per-click campaign. Through rigorous testing we find the landing page that converts the most traffic.

Essential to PPC

“The landing page is your first chance to turn a visitor from a PPC campaign into a customer.”

Not only do landing pages convert traffic into sales, but also give an indication of how well your marketing campaign is performing. By tracking conversions on each landing page and making strategic modifications to each page we can determine the most optimal design and giving your marketing dollars a higher ROI.

Unlike other pages on your website you do not want to allow search engine such as Google or Yahoo to index your Pay-Per-Click landing pages. Doing so will give you an inaccurate read on the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

Social Media Landing Pages

There are 2 ways in which a visitor will find your landing page. The goal of the landing page is determined by how the visitor arrives.

Landing pages of this design are built around viral marketing campaigns for social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Whether it’s a review video on a product, a blog about you’re your market or industry or a list of important resources, these pages will get traffic to your website start people talking about your company.

All successful social media landing pages have 3 important elements:

  • Captivating Content
  • Relevant content
  • Useful information or tools

Useful tools are the most popular pages social media users bookmark because most people do not want to forget about something that can make their life or work easier. Social media users will almost always bookmark a useful tool that they can benefit from.

The goal of a Pay-Per-Click landing page is different than that of a social media landing page. These pages are not designed to convert a visitors into a sales, they are designed to create advocates for your website and inspire more inbound links. When you post useful content for social media users to link and share which then get re-linked and shared again by other users, this is a key factor in increasing traffic to your website

Social media landing pages need to be built around keywords that you intend using in your marketing campaigns; keywords need to be linked from your landing pages to other areas of your website using keyword optimized anchor text. Our social media landing page designers will make these pages as indexable as possible will ensure that they are found shared.

SEO Expert India will design you a compelling landing page that converts visitors into promoters for your website. Color psychology, eye tracking studies, content layout, statistics and more are taken into consideration when building your landing page. We will apply all the best practices and trends to make your landing pages close the deal.