SEO Check list 2018: Things to consider for SEO ranking

In previous chapter we learned Maintain SEO Ranking In 2018 is and there are two parts in optimizing web pages: On-page optimization and off-page optimization. That discussion was very brief. In this chapter we will discuss the pre-search engine optimization process. What you need to do before you decide to go for SEO? Then we will discuss the SEO check list. And few other important things you can consider as a part of SEO process.

Who need SEO Check List 2018?

Search engine optimization is need of all the websites. If you have website which is important part of you business or personal life in 2018 and you would like people to find it when they search anything related to that website then yes you need SEO one to get higher ranking in 2018.

Who Not needed SEO Check List 2018
But if you have websites which your customer know already and they will type the name of your website straight away in browser and also if you don’t need to market you website because your customers already know you then you don’t need to do SEO work. For example, government websites, they don’t need SEO work done as people will already know where to go when they need stuff related to those websites.

SEO in 2018 - SEO Check List

To summarize the need of the SEO Check list 2018: if you are selling anything over internet then you need SEO done if you want to perform better and get more business everyday. But if your website is just to provide customer care service or after sales service then you probably don’t need to go for SEO as you can let your customer know about your website and they will find the required information from there.

The SEO Check list 2018

Following is the checklist you will need to follow for SEO in 2018. If you get maximum tick out of this check list its better.

SEO Checklist 2018

On –page Optimization 2018

  • Keywords in title tags
  • Keywords in URL
  • Keywords in H1, H2 and H3 Headings
  • Proper Keywords Density in landing page content
  • Keywords in beginning of the 1st paragraph
  • Keywords in Alt tags
  • Keywords font size / Bold
  • Keywords proximity
  • Keywords phrase order
  • Keywords in links to site pages
  • Internal navigation simplicity
  • Efficient Tree like structure
  • All internal links valid
  • Intra-site Linking
  • Unique Contents
  • Frequent Updates of contents
  • Age of Contents
  • No invisible texts
  • No doorway pages

Off-page Optimization 2018

  • Local Citation(Google My Business, Bing Map, Yelp, NT Directory, etc…)
  • Less then 100 links out in total
  • Links from similar Sites
  • Links from .edu and .gov websites
  • Keywords in internal linking
  • No cross linking
  • No outbound links to bad neighbours
  • All links working fine and there is no broken links
  • Site is accessible at all the times
  • Sitemap is created
  • There is no hosting downtime
  • No excessive flash use
  • There is no many redirects within website

Domain registration

Domain name is very important task in search engine optimization. If you want to get ranked no 1 for given keywords, then get the domain name same as that keywords. For example, if you want to get ranked for expert SEO then get the domain named expertseo and you will find that you are getting ranked no 1 without much efforts.

We get 1st page ranking within 2 month for “SEO Expert India” in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…

While booking domain you should do research on domain names and find out about the keywords you would like to get ranked for. Find the suitable domain where you can accommodate that keyword. Also there are certain guidelines for domain names as follow:

  • Your domain name should be your website name
  • Your domain name should be your brand name
  • Domain should be short and descriptive
  • try to avoid hyphenated names
  • try to avoid plurals in domain names
  • avoid someone’s trademarked names


SEO Check list 2018 – In short before you start your SEO process you should understand the SEO properly. What it is and how it works and should you do it or not? And then find this check list and check everything regularly and make sure you SEO Company are following everything.

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