How to maintain SEO ranking in 2018? Get more lead with new techniques

In this post, briefly, we are going to talk about definition of search engine optimization and I will explain what is SEO and what it does and how it work and why should you do search engine optimization. There are different parts associated with search engine optimization, we will go in deep later but in this chapter you will get little idea of all the parts associated with search engine optimization.

What is SEO work in 2018?

Are you confused about SEO? Let’s define what SEO is and what it does and how it works

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is creating your website or webpage in that way so search engine can understand it. This is very basic definition of search engine optimization while in reality it is very broad subject. Let me give you a simple example to explain it.

What is SEO in 2018

When you search something on internet in search engine, you find many websites in search result. Search engine list around 10 to 20 websites in 1st page and then same amount on 2nd page and so on. Have you ever though why these websites are listed on 1st page and not on 2nd page or in another word why websites are listed at the end of the page and not on the top of the page. You probably know but still let me tell you that 85% of people looking for something on internet will never look beyond top 3 search result. Still why anyone would like their website listed at the end of the page and not on 1st position?

Very simple question but this result is just because of search engine optimization. The websites on top 3 positions are optimized best for this search engine and for given search keyword. Try searching different keyword from same industry and you will find the different result and if you are still getting same website on top 3 positions then those websites are highly optimized for those keywords.

We will discuss how to get this sort of results in search engine optimization through out this report.

Search engine optimization is divided into two main parts

  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimizatio

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of creating web pages in that way so search engine can understand and value of it. This process is to create web pages with full of real valuable information to visitors. Instead of just stuffing keywords, it’s about putting real value inside your website so visitors will love the information you are giving them and they will be referring your website to their friends and family or business partners and so on.

on page seo 2018

On-page optimization contain creating proper titles of web pages, creating meta tags, creating alt tags in all the images, using heading and sub heading tags properly, formatting text according to the value in that articles like bold, italic etc…

And main thing in on-page optimization is to put the real valuable information in web pages and using the keywords you want to target in your search engine optimization process. While creating contents for your web pages you should take care of those keywords and try to use those keywords in balanced way.

Off Page SEO 2018

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is more like creating link popularity for your website. increase website sharing with new techniques like content marketing, content curation. When some one is searching for any given keywords, before displaying result search engine try to look for popular websites for that given keyword. So creating link popularity is also major factor in getting ranked in major search engines.

To create link popularity, there are many ways. Such as you can manage a blog and regularly write in that blog and keep that blog updated. And so people who come to read and they will offer a link to your blog.

In your writing you can mention your website and create link back. If people like your writing and they want to publish on their website then they can offer a link back in lie of your hard work of writing.

You can ask for quality back from similar websites and you can give them link. you can also put your articles with your link in it in many social sharing post and Question answers forums like quota, Moz, Google forum, etc.. They publish your articles and also people who come on this website read your article and if they like it they copy that article in their website and give you link back.

Getting there is not tough in SEO

Once you optimize your website for your chosen keywords, create appropriate titles, meta tags, alt tags, use of heading and proper formatting of contents you are ready to jump in market. Next step would be to create extensive and steady link popularity building. Once you start building link popularity you will start seeing result in writhing 3 to 4 months. And slowly you will get on 1st page.

Its not hard to get on 1st page. You might get there on 1st page depending on competition between 3 to 6 months. And from 1st page to 1st position will take long time as you are competition with big players of your industry.

My point is, its not hard to get there. If you get proper link popularity build, then you can achieve top 1st position. But if you stop after get there then its hard to maintain that position as every one is fighting for that top position.

How to maintain 1st position

Once you get on top position, the main challenge you will face is to maintain that top position. You will notice that every one is fighting for that position. You are competing with all the big players of your industry and everyone want to take your position. So after getting their, your job is to maintain that position.

Now question is how to maintain that position?

In order to maintain 1st position, you will need to keep a eye on your competitors, what they are doing, when they are doing and why they are doing? You will need to keep track of you position in every day search result and put the quality inbound links as per the results. And keep working on link popularity building.

Keep your website useful, simple to navigate, give away something free to users, and keep creating link popularity building so search engine can see you are useful then your competitors.


Search engine optimization is creating web pages that is useful to search engine for given keyword search. There are two parts in optimizing web page. On- page optimization contain optimizing titles, meta tags, alt tags, headings, formatting text, creating SEO copy contents. Off-page optimization is the process of creating link popularity. Link popularity is very long process and also need to continue once you get the desired results in order to maintain that result. You can hire our SEO expert from India who can help you to get 1st page ranking and maintain it long term.

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